What is Asgard?

Asgard is a role playing game complete with interactive landscapes, towns, quests, and dynamic storylining on an all-encompassing graphical map.

How do I pronounce Asgard?

Pronounce it like you're choking on a potato. Ahz-guard.

Is Asgard playable?

Somewhat. Asgard currently compiles and runs in Linux. Most of our work has been tested against Ubuntu Linux. You can move a character around a map by clicking around. The map pans and scrolls as the character walks. While the game is runnable and playable, there's no objective or goal to complete.

What is the state of Asgard's development?

Asgard is in active development. The team is working on gameplay elements now like interactions, inventory, dialog boxes, menus, and items. The story-writing team is still hammering out the fundamental structure of the flow of the game.

When will Asgard be complete?

It is not certain when Asgard will be playable. Currently, the project is pre-alpha, with a lot of effort being spent on designing the software and organizing our limited resources. Asgard is playable now, we encourage you to try to compile and run it. Let us know what you think!

Can I contribute text or media to Asgard?

YES! Designing and writing software is only a small part of making games. Media: text, images, music and sounds, are all necessary components of a complete piece. In order to protect your rights as an artist, please license your work using a Creative Commons license. Please see the Creative Commons FAQ for more information.

Can I join the development team?

YES! However, you should probably look at the code and experiment with it before contacting the project. When you are ready, please send an email to asgard.team@gmail.com.


Please email asgard.team@gmail.com with any questions you may have.